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I have always spent my time outside of music working on art and design projects. My preferred media are printmaking, collage, and wood sculpture/collage. I also take photos of unusual or overlooked nature subjects, such as tree scars, or to use as elements to combine in collage fashion in my monotypes.  Many of these photos capture fragments of things which appear to be abstract works of art rather than nature photography.

My most recent projects are collages using security envelope patterns, and wood sculptures the emerge from putting many small pieces together.  Most of the work is abstract, except certain collages and photos where a more obvious political or social comment is intended. 



studio show in Santa Rosa
November 2 & 3 2019

As part of The Studio Santa Rosa Open studios, I will be having an open studio from 11am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Novemeber 2nd & 3rd.  My studio is at 3840 Finley Ave, Santa Rosa. 

The studio is most easily accessed by taking 101 north toward central Santa Rosa, then going west on highway 12 to the Fulton/South Wright exit.  Go south on South Wright Road, and turn left onto FInley.  The studio is in building 32, on the first floor, down the hall to the right.  Please come by and say hello and have a look at my artwork.  More information and images will be available on the Studio Santa Rosa facebook page soon.






My designs include furniture building and upcycling, modern sheds, and budget remodeling using salvage finds. A recent project is a new dining room table made from recycled plywood, pictured at right.

Although distinctly modern, my aesthetic leans toward the homemade and practical rather than a sleek, industrial precision. Mostly the materials speak directly to inspire the object, but when I see something by another designer that inspires, I often adapt an idea to the materials at hand. Being a scavenger at heart, I often recycle or upcycle materials I find on the street, in urban salvage shops, and at garage sales, or which are left over from remodeling projects around the house. 

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