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I have always spent my time outside of music working on art and design projects. My preferred media are printmaking and found-object/salvage sculpture.

My most recent prints are geometric constructions, of squares and triangles. This series, called Putting the Pieces Together, is a series of monoprints built up slowly by stamping the shapes.  A collage of sorts, of shapes trying to fill space, being pushed aside, turned around, trying to fit in, searching for order and balance, and finding place. Puzzles, in the process of being worked out; buildings in the process of being constructed.  Each is a structure of juxtaposed fragments, slowly built up to become structure and form.

Studio Show in Emeryville June 8 & 9

As part of the Pro-Arts East Bay Open studios, I will be having an open studio from 11am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, June 8th & 9th.  My studio is at 1450-62nd Street in Emeryville.  The studio is most easily accessed on Hollis, between 62nd and 63rd streets, using the door just to the right of Ruby's Cafe.  The studio is directly overhead the cafe.  Please come by and have a glass of wine and a look at my artwork.  More information and images are available on the Pro-Arts Gallery site at


My designs include furniture building and upcycling, modern sheds, and budget remodeling using salvage finds. A recent project is a new dining room table made from recycled plywood, pictured at right.

Although distinctly modern, my aesthetic leans toward the homemade and practical rather than a sleek, industrial precision. Mostly the materials speak directly to inspire the object, but when I see something by another designer that inspires, I often adapt an idea to the materials at hand. Being a scavenger at heart, I usually recycle or upcycle materials I find on the street, in urban salvage shops, and at garage sales, or which are left over from remodeling projects around the house. Currently I am working on coffee tables built from salvaged wood.

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